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Liverpool Opera Circle

contact: 0151 638 7431

Annual subscription (Sept. - July) Single £15;  Couple £25; Visitor / Guest £3
   Hon. Treasurer Miss Pamela R.Brooks, 12, Church Road, Woolton, Liverpool,
                         L25  5JF.  0151  638  7431
3 Established in 1935 by Miss Edith Rose, OBE as a venture, in conjunction with Sir Thomas Beecham (in London), to make available to impoverished opera lovers the means to buy tickets to opera performances in Liverpool by installments, via an advance voucher scheme, through the kind and enthusiastic offices of Messers Rushworth and Dreaper, who donated their premises as a repository for the enterprise.
In the course of time, when penury was not as pressing, the Liverpool Opera Circle evolved from the original "Imperial League of Opera" with the aims of promoting the love of opera in Liverpool through supporting live opera, instructing through lectures and presentations a further knowledge of the art, providing a platform for singers embarking on their careers, and presenting recorded work at meetings as a shared and instructive experience. These aims and achievements are intact to the present - during the past seventy years. Having an unbroken record of existence and meetings, we remain, argueably, the oldest  cultural group in Liverpool. Our successful aim has been to promote pleasure, camarderie and sheer enjoyment at each of our monthly meetings in the mellow atmosphere of the ATHENAEUM on the last Wednesday of the month.