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31 May 2007

NEWSLETTER No 28                                    31 May 2007 

Forum meeting

The Forum held a meeting on 10 May when Laurence Westgaff, Ben Rees and Ian McKeane spoke of how the African, Welsh and Irish communities came to be in Liverpool and what they contributed to the city. Apart from confirming, yet again, what a mixture of people make up the city’s population, an interesting point was that in all three cases, men and women from elsewhere came to the area long before the big immigrant surges of the nineteenth century. There were Africans in the Roman army in parts of England and Africans working as favoured servants in Liverpool from Elizabethan days onwards.  There were Welsh traders and builders and Irish seaman and traders. The contribution of Welsh medical men in Liverpool was particularly noted. A meeting looking at some of Liverpool’s other communities will be held later in the year.

Someone pointed out at the meeting that at a recent football match, the Liverpool crowd had a banner saying “We are not English, we are scouse”. Are Liverpudlians (or Liverpolitans as they were sometimes called at one time) a race apart? We are certainly the most distinctive “people” in England -  whether of English, Celtic, African or Asian origin,  Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim or of other faith, rich or poor, red or blue (in football terms), Labour,  LibDem or Tory.

The month gone by

◘ Girls from the Anglican Cathedral choir and from Notre Dame School joined in a concert on 22 May at the Anglican Cathedral.  Ken Dodd, complete with tickling stick (“are these things allowed in cathedrals?”, he asked)  made a “speech”. An ecumenical evening of good music and fun!

Liverpool Culture Company has published the names of some 200 organisations to which it made grants. (Info: Kim Graham 0151 233 6839). To contact the Culture Company, write to Talk to Us, Liverpool Culture Company, PO Box 2008, Municipal Building, Dale Street, Liverpool L2 2DH. “You should expect a response within 10 days”, they say.

We in the Forum would be interested also to know what you expect of 2007 and 2008.

Send your views by email to Liverpool Heritage Forum

◘ Barclays moved out of the old Martins HQ building in Water Street. We hope a suitable use can be found for this art deco masterpiece (by Liverpool architect Herbert Rowse), whose basement was used to store Britain’s gold reserve for a few weeks during World War II.

 ◘ Carla Bean has been appointed to find cash to bring HMS “Whimbrel”, the only warship survivor of Britain’s battle of the Atlantic, back here from Egypt.

◘ A course of 6 weekly meetings on Liverpool sculpture began at the Continuing Education Department of Liverpool University. Other interesting courses available (Info: 0151 794 6900).

◘ The Royal Liver Assurance Company is to merge with a London firm. It is to be hoped that this does not threaten the future of the Liver Building.

Marriott Hotels featured Liverpool on the cover of their “Nationwide guide to What’s on and Where to go”. Nice to have “arrived” as a tourist venue!

Places to show off to your visitors

The National Trust bills Speke Hall as Liverpool’s finest Tudor Manor House. How many more Tudor manor houses are there is the city? Well worth visiting anyway  -  and showing off to visitors. On the way to Speke, a visit to the newly reopened Sudley House, former home of the Holt shipping family, is rewarding. The Friends of National Museums Liverpool contributed £40,000 towards its refurbishment.

West Derby court house, near the church, is open every Sunday till October, thanks to the efforts of local heritage enthusiasts.

The Anglican Cathedral runs “The great Space “ film and audio tour, a short film followed by a tour round 10 interactive “stations” around the building.

◘ Both of the Cathedrals have extensive programmes of concerts. Info: for the Catholic Cathedral 0151 707 3525, For the Anglican Cathedral call 0151 709 6271.

◘ The exhibition of Liverpool’s ancient charters continues in the Central Library till 30 June. (Info: 0151 233 5817).

◘ The Liverpool ventilating shaft of the Birkenhead tunnel and the service tunnel beneath the traffic are on show. (0115 236 8602  -  £3).

◘ A good day out is the 6 hour Mersey Ferries trip to Manchester along the Ship Canal.  Excellent guides are on board to point out many aspects of Britain’s industrial history.

◘ For info about guided walks entitled “Museum to Museum - trail of culture and commerce”, call 0151 478 4499.

Wirral Council produces a list of events in its parks  - such as a tour led by the Friends of Flaybrick cemetery on 8 July around the non-conformist section of the memorial gardens. Info: 0151 666 4870). Liverpool Park rangers have a news sheet ((Info: 0151 223 3007) .

◘ Hop-on Hop-off open top buses serve 17 stops convenient for tourist attractions in Liverpool. (Info: 0151 524 2250).

◘ Beatles fans can take a FabFour taxi tour (up to 5 people for 2 hours: £35). (Info: 0151 601 2111).

Liverpool Culture Company offers the two-hour “Magical Mystery Tour” of Beatles locations.  This should not be confused with the ”Magical History Tour” to be opened shortly at the Maritime Museum  - the story of Liverpool.

◘ Free copies of a “What’s On?” guide are available from 08 Place in Whitechapel (the tourist offic

A plaque for James William Carling, the artist will be unveiled by Louise Ellman MP at Holy Cross School on 13 July at 2 pm.