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31 May 2005

Planning how to achieve our aim of improving contacts between voluntary cultural organisations in Liverpool.
We have plans to circulate information between the voluntary cultural organisations in the city so that they can, if they so wish, co-operate with each other or attend each other’s meetings where these are open to the public. We are a liaison body and have no policy of our own - except to maximise the effect of the excellent work done by voluntary bodies in the city.

The Forum’s steering committee is continuing to discuss ways to get our networking operation really on the road. Plans are afoot to:
  • liaise with societies which are making lists of noteworthy buildings and sites so that each knows what the others are doing and can share information if they wish to do. This could cover people who put up plaques on significant buildings.

    Joe Crossley [] asks anyone/organization to contact him with the name and locality of any building/monument/gravestone/kerbstone/paving-stone/or such like, in which they are interested/would like to know more about the stone of which it is made This will help to add to our collective knowledge. He say that if he can't solve the queries, he knows plenty of people who can!

  • make enquiries with a commercial organisation about potentially training “greeters" to help tourists in Liverpool to find their way around and to know what they are looking at.

  • liaise with member societies who have lists of noteworthy/famous people associated with their areas of interest.

  • contact member societies to check if they have websites and would be happy to link their websites with ours.

  • contact member societies which have not yet provided e-mail addresses by which LHF can contact them.

  • ask member societies to let us know at an early date of their plans for 2007 and 2008.

  • Clearly, the main work of the Forum, as a networking body, cannot be done by a steering group. We are planning to have about three full meetings a year when everyone interested can come and “inter-act”. All member societies will be invited to a Reception at Liverpool Town Hall on Tuesday 26th July. We await details. Each organisation in the Forum will probably be invited to send 2 representatives. Please let Kevin Bargen know if you are coming:
A couple of requests to our member societies
We draw to everyone’s attention the dialogue box on our website.
We ask member societies to circulate this Newsletter amongst their members either electronically or via paper copies.

News of the societies
  • 5th -12th June is Downtown Week. A number of interesting events in addition to all the usual activities that make downtown the bustling, lively place that it is. A broad group of companies and organisations are involved, from schools with downtown pupils helping them to take ownership of 'their neighbourhood' and to a little restaurant in Old Hall St doing two pasta meals for the price of one. Two events worth knowing about in particular are that Martins Bank Building is open every day during the week for tours and that AFL architects are also hosting an 'open office' during the week. The website is

  • Merseyside Civic Society has been very active, as readers of the Daily Post will have seen, in trying to combat John Prescott’s plans to bulldoze a large number of houses, including the “Welsh” streets in Toxteth. You may have seen a BBC programme which showed how renovation can both save houses which are part of the city’s heritage and be cheaper than knock- down-and-build-new. One wrinkle is that builders have to pay VAT on renovations but not on new build! Write to John Prescott’s office or to Pauline Davies, Managing Director, New Heartlands Pathfinder, North House, 17 North John Street, Liverpool L2 5QY if you feel strongly about this.

    The Civic Society’s AGM is on 17 July at 6.30 p.m. at St Bride’s Church, Percy Street. The Guest Speaker is Peter de Figueiredo, Historic Inspector, English Heritage. It will be an interesting evening in an interesting building.

  • As part of the Year of the Sea, the Lady Lever Art Gallery has an exhibition entitled “Beside the Seaside: The British Impressionists”. Private view for the Friends of National Museums Liverpool on 2 June.

  • Liverpool History Society has a visit to Walton Parish Church on 19 June. “A thousand Years of History”. Anyone can attend. It’s free for the first visit to the society’s meetings but non-members are asked to make a contribution for second and subsequent visits. See their website:

  • We are asked to publicise a symposium on 7-9 July entitled “Anthony Burgess and Modernity” co-hosted by the International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester Metropolitan University, the University of Manchester and Salford University and supported by the University of Liverpool and Liverpool Hope University College. Information is available at and from

  • Plans are being made to commemorate in October the sailing from Liverpool in the nineteenth century of the S.S. Mimosa with the first group of Welsh emigrants to set up their “colony” in Patagonia, which still survives today. A choral event is included. I can supply contact details.

  • The RSA (the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) will have a lecture by Sir Terry Farrell on 23 June at the Tea Factory at 6 p.m. This is in the context of Architecture Week, the theme of which in the North West in “Regeneration”. The lecture is free. Contact the RSA on 020 7451 6868.

  • There will be a concert by Una Voce at the Williamson Art Gallery in Birkenhead on 26 June. Contact 652 4177.

  • The City Council is offering guided tours of St George’s Hall on weekdays and Saturdays at a price of £4. Contact 233 2008.