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Samuel Walters

1811 - 1882
Maritime Artist and Print Maker

Walters was a maritime artist and print maker famous in Liverpool and popular in America. He was born in London, 1st November 1811 and grew up near the docks. He was the son of Miles Walters, 1773 - 1855, who was a maritime artist. Miles moved his family to Liverpool and by 1830 his family had settled there. Samuel exhibited at the Liverpool Academy and later enrolled in the Liverpool Academy School. At this time the Walters lived at 30 and 38 Pleasant Street near Mount Pleasant. In 1834 Samuel became a professional marine Painter. In the same year Liverpool's second most respected marine painter moved to the city, Joseph Heard (1799-1859)  lived at 11 Norfolk Street.

On 16th September 1835 Samuel married Betsy Staniland Pilley. The couple had 9 children, 3 died during infancy. George Stanfield Walters born 5th December 1837 became a marine painter himself. A painting by Samuel Walters shows the family watching the Congregational Church on the corner of Nelson street and great George's Street burning. The painting is titled "the Burning of Great George's Street Chapel, 19th February 1840".

In 1840 Samuel Walters lived at 56 Stanhope Street and had studios at Berry street and later Bold Street. After a time in London Samuel returned to Liverpool and in 1855 moved to rural Bootle to live at Falkner Terrace (now Byng Street), near Derby Road which had views across the Mersey to the Wirral and a nearby sandy beach. A few houses down the road lived Jesse Hartley (1780-1860) the great architect of the Liverpool docks. It was Jesse's docks which were to force the Walters to leave Falkner Terrace and move to 76 Merton Road, Bootle. 

Samuel Walters painted the CSS Florida, the CSS Alabama, the PS Banshee and Prioleau's yacht Ceres

Samuel Walters died on March 5th 1882 aged 70 a much respected marine painter.  He is buried with his wife in Anfield Cemetery, Liverpool, General Section 1 (Nonconformist) #390)