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Brian Samuel Epstein

The Beatles` first manager,

.Epstein was born to Harry and Malka Epstein on September 19, 1934 in a private nursing home in Liverpool. His brother Clive was born 22 months later. His father Harry called his mother Queenie because Malka is the Hebrew word for "queen". Next to the furniture store that the Epstein family owned was the North End Road Music Stores in Whitechapel, Liverpool.   The family of 's Paul McCartney`s father, James McCartney, was one of the local families that bought pianos there on extended-purchase plans.  The Epsteins later expanded and took over NEMS.   He was dismissed from the British Army for being "incurably civilian", but was given a good character reference: "Sober, conscientious, and utterly trustworthy".  He ran a record shop concession in a chain of furniture stores owned by his father.  He studied for three terms at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London; his classmates included Peter O'Toole and Susannah York.  Epstein at first thought the name "Beatles" sounded silly, when he saw it on a Liverpool concert bill. In asking his staff about them, though, he was surprised to learn they were among his frequent customers, sometimes browsing NEMS between shows at the Cavern. 

Besides the Beatles, Brian Epstein also managed Cilla Black, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Billy J. Kramer, and Tommy Quickly, while his NEMS Enterprises lineup represented The Bee Gees, Jimi Hendrix, and Cream.

During the time Brian managed the Beatles, they enjoyed the greatest success that any popular artists had ever achieved. Their career trajectory was meteoric.  There was not a single reversal of fortune in the entire period of nearly six years .   Once he died, the Beatles became embroiled in a tangle of conflicts, money squabbles and personal jealousies. They had lost the one man who united them and who was capable of resolving their differences.

From the first Beatles success until his tragic death in August 1967, Brian took care of every aspect of the Beatles' career. When he died the difference was immediately felt. While the Beatles continued to make magnificent music, their business affairs rapidly crumbled. Within two years of Brian's death the end of the Beatles was clearly in sight. By 1970 it was all over.