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Frankie Vaughan

1928 - 1999
Popular singer

He was born Frank Abelson in Liverpool in 1928. After winning a crooning contest in Leeds, where he studied commercial art, he was given a spot in a show at Kingston-upon-Thames, and created something of a sensation.  He took the stage name Vaughan because his Russian grandmother had said he would be her "number vorn" singer.

The entertainer got involved with a youth project in Easterhouse in the late 1960s.   He played a concert in Glasgow and was so appalled by violence levels that he held meetings with gang leaders and appealed for people to surrender their weapons.  Easterhouse councillor Jim Coleman, the depute leader of Glasgow City Council, said: "Frankie Vaughan will always be very fondly remembered by the people of Easterhouse.   His flamboyant act and hits including Green Door and Garden of Eden, ensured his fame as a popular showman and entertainer for well over 30 years.

His top 10, hits included "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine" and "Green Door".   He studied at Leeds College of Art, but switched to show business after his audition succeeded and led to a week's work in music hall.    He went on to stardom in England`s variety show world based on his hit tune as "Mr. Moonlight"   He was famous for his formal top hat outfit and starred in cabaret shows in New York and Las Vegas. He also starred in  a stage production of the musical "42nd Street".  He was awarded an O.B.E. in 1965 and C.B.E. in 1997.  Most famous film moment was performing a musical number with Marilyn Monroe in “Let's Make Love” (1960).

He was Showbusiness Personality of the Year in 1957 and after that often topped the bill in the West End.  In later years he described himself as Pop of the Pops. When he took over the part of the Broadway producer in 42nd Street, it was his first appearance in musical comedy.  He had to give up the role in late 1986, after about a year, due to ill health.

But he always maintained his loyalty to Boys Clubs because of the help that he was given while a refugee in Lancaster during World War II.,   He gave them the royalties from Green Door in 1956.

In 1964 he was appointed to a committee set up to advise on juvenile delinquency.

Frankie Vaughan and his wife Stella married in 1951. They had three children and several grandchildren. He devoted much time to helping boys clubs in Liverpool