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Michael James Whitty

Liverpool`s first Chief Constable and founder of Liverpool Daily Post

He was born in the parish of Duncormick, Co. Wexford in 1795.  He went to London in 1821 and started a journalistic career that include editorship of the Dublin and London Magazine, described as the best Irish periodical of its time, and The Liverpool Journal. He came to Liverpool in 1828 to start work as editor of The Liverpool Journal.  In February 1836 he became the founder and first Head Constable of Liverpool Police and Fire Brigade, a position he held until he retired 1844.   In 1848 he purchased The Liverpool Post.  

Following his retirement Michael James Whitty founded the Liverpool Daily Post, which in1855 was published as Britain's first penny paper.  Whitty  in 1855 succesfully campaigned for the repeal of the Stamp Act and opened the way for cheap, mass-circulation newspapers and modern newspaper design in terms of spacing and headlines.  It also permitted a subsequent reduction in cover price (to 2 pence) allowed the paper to be published daily.

Information on a book on Michael Witty from email

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