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Friends of Old Christ Church, Waterloo BIG DRAW DAY

All Day
13 October 2007 - 13 October 2007
Old Christ Church, Waterloo

Big Draw Day

Saturday 13th October 2007

The 'Big Draw' is an international event, now in its 8th year, the purpose of which is to encourage children and adult to take up drawing and painting. Full details can be found by logging onto the web site

This year, The Friends of Old Christ Church have agreed to host a Big Draw event on 'Big Draw Day' Saturday 13th October. The event will take place between 11am and 4pm at Old Christ Church, Waterloo Road, Waterloo. However, in order to make it the huge success we hope for, we need volunteer to act as stewards, helpers and general factotums.

Most importantly we need artists with the willingness to give up some their time to motivate and encourage others to try out various art forms, be it drawing or painting in various mediums either individually or in groups. We need artists who can share their enthusiasm and skills, and through demonstration and support, unlock a creative response from visitors.

We envisage different ways by which we might influence drawing and painting activity:-

We envisage different ways by which we might influence drawing and painting activity:-

·       Showing off skills – giving people an opportunity to see artists at works.

·       Showing how its done – demonstrating techniques for other to try.

·       Organising drawing activity – some activities suit individuals, while others will lend themselves to group interaction and collaborative effort.

·       Helping others to draw – providing encouragement and suggestions.

·       Provide workshops for more focused and directed activities.

·       Drop-in sessions, offering prompts and suggestions to get people started.

·       Free choice of activities with lots of encouragement and little direction.

The list of activities is not limited and we welcome suggestions from anyone who wishes to take part and share their enthusiasm with others.

As hosts we will provide all materials that are needed but naturally we shall need artist's wish lists at an early date to enable us to secure what is needed.

If you feel that you are able to help in any way please contact John Bramham on 0151 924 5738  or by e-mail at


For more information, contact: John Bramham - - 0151 924 5738