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The Scottie Press
Rob Ainsworth   5 December 2006

The Scottie Press was established in February 1971 as part of a Liverpool Community Development Project 'Government Against Poverty'. The Scottie Press was a major initiative and its role was clear. It was to be a local newspaper run by local people, representative of the community. It was to be non-party political and non-sectarian. The paper was a way of encouraging community identity and presenting in the community's own words a powerful portrait of the Scotland Road and Vauxhall areas and the issues affecting the local community.

It is a testament to the paper's determination to keep to the ideals of 1971 that now in 2004 the Scottie Press is still presenting in the community's own words a powerful portrait of the Scotland Road and Vauxhall community and has been throughout the paper's 33 successful years of publication the accepted and recognised 'Voice of Vauxhall'.

The Scottie Press has had as its main purpose to campaign on behalf of the local community for improvements that would give members of the local community in all age groups a better quality of life. The archived issues of the Scottie Press present visible evidence of this and can instantly show how the Scottie Press was very often at the vanguard of public expression and was instrumental in ensuring that people's voices would be heard.

The Scottie Press has also appreciated that by featuring articles on and about the total mix of community activity the paper can relate to all age groups. The paper constantly tries to be an accurate record of activities that happend in the last month and to be the means by which readers can obtain information about events etc to happen in the month and months ahead. Added to this is the paper's belief that every person deserves a chance to have what they do for the good of the local community, and perhaps a celebration can be acknowledged. This can take the shape of reports on local football games. darts matches, charity nights, birthdays, weddings etc.

Since 1975 Scottie Press has been run by the Vauxhall Neighbourhood Council and as such works in close tandem with the wide range or organisation operated by the Vauxhall Neighbourhood Council The paper also works in partnership with the many groups and organisations now affiliated to the Vauxhall Neighbourhood Council. The Vauxhall Neighbourhood Council has as it's mission statement "to relieve hardship, improve education, preserve good health, promote employment opportunities and to provide and assist in the provision of facilities in the interest of social welfare and recreational activities of the community".

Since May 2000 the Scottie Press has had its own website - with this website it is now possible to ensure that the ideals and principles of the paper as set down in 1971 and maintained for 33 years can in 2004 and beyond be accessed world-wide. To this effect the website version of the community newspaper can enable a world-wide awareness appreciation of, and support for issues affecting the current Scotland Road and Vauxhall