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R S Clare The longest established manufacturer in Liverpool
Ian Meadows   15 November 2006

As an early distiller of turpentine – being on the third leg of the slave trade importing the raw material from the Carolinas – then distilling tar – a by product of the manufacture of town gas for street lighting in 1830 ( this in itself led to the creation of the pharmaceutical industry on Merseyside) – producing the first successful dust laying compound for roads thereby enabling effective road maintenance (1907) – moving on to found the road marking industry in UK by applying quick drying kerb paint in Sloane Sq to reduce accidents during the First World War – then inventing thermoplastic road markings in 1933 - the now globally accepted standard.

The old firm isn’t doing badly now either. International Trader of 2006, the University of Liverpool’s Corporate Social Responsibility Award winner for 2006 and runner up SME winner in the North West Regional Awards too.

Manufacturing lubricating grease for several Multi National Oil Companies, Clare also enjoys a 75% market share of Network Rail’s track lubrication, 90% of antiskid surfacing globally for marine car carriers and a growing share of the global speciality greases required for Oil & Gas exploration.