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Friends of real Lancashire
Andrew Pearce   11 September 2006

No legislation has ever been introduced to alter the boundaries of the 39 traditional counties of England, only administrative county areas have changed from time to time.

The river Mersey is still the southern boundary of Lancashire and Liverpool is one of Lancashire’s five cities. Because Liverpool has still got such strong ties with Lancashire, the Loyal Toast that is proposed at all official functions in the city is to “The Queen, Duke of Lancaster”.

If you look at the splendid ceiling in St George’s Hall you will pick out three coats of arms, they are the Royal Coat of Arms, the Coat of Arms of Lancashire and The City of Liverpool’s Coat of Arms.

The under Sheriff of Lancashire still has jurisdiction over the whole of the traditional county, including Liverpool and the surrounding area north of the Mersey.

To mark the Millennium an up to date map of the county of Lancashire was commissioned from Ordnance Survey by the Friends of Real Lancashire with a red line marking the boundary of the traditional county. The southern boundary line runs down the centre of the River Mersey.

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